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Student Finance Center (School Bank)

Student Finance Center
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Debbie Rodriguez, Finance Clerk

  • Bank Hours: Monday through Friday 7:30a.m. until 2:30pm.
  • Services: Sales of ASB Cards, Yearbooks, Dance Tickets, cash boxes to loan with or without change.
*Remember that the funds deposited and dispensed through the ASB Bank are to promote student morale and to enhance their educational experience, but cannot be used for instructional or classroom supplies

We now offer families the opportunity to use ASB Works to purchase your Advanced Placement Tests online with any major credit card.  The following link allows you to set up an account and select the test you wish to purchase.   You can purchase full price ($86) and free and reduced rate ($5) exams.  If you have questions about which rate you qualify for you can check with Ms. Debbie Rodriguez.  If you need a copy of your Free and Reduced Lunch Letter, contact Shilpa Sinha at the ESUHSD District Office at (408) 347-5191 or

1. How to turn in money
Deposits: money should be counted on an "ASB/IHS Deposit Slip" and signed by the advisor and student. It will be verified and receipted immediately whenever possible.

2. How to spend money from your account
To order: Fill in a "Request for a Purchase Order" as completely as possible including a supervisor's and student's signature. Your account balance will be checked and your RPO will be used to complete a purchase order. The PO will then be mailed, faxed, or held for pick-up, depending on your instructions. If you must have a check, a quote or printout of the item(s) being ordered.

Once items are received, a signed invoice or recepit must be delivered to the Bank as soon as possible
Reimbursements: please do not spend your own money unless absolutely necessary. Original receipts must be attached to the Reimbursement Form. You cannot authorize your own reimbursement! Two signatures are necessary for all reimbursements and a third party (must be a principal) for anything over $100.

3. How to raise money
Fundraisers: Plan ahead! Complete a "Request for Fundraiser" form and turn it in at least one month ahead. Copies of the form will be returned to your advisor and club officer if and when approved. Then your items should be ordered as above. Fundraisers are restricted to a 2-week time slot and are checked for duplication on campus. Again, leave extra time for this project.