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Summer Enrichment (Advanced and AP)

Here are the first assignment of the 2021-2022 school year that will be due within the first grading period.

If you want to start early, go for it.
If you're bored in mid-July, take a peek.
If you just want to read the assignment but not do it, no worries.
If you run out of video games to play, begin before school starts.
If you want to start but not finish, that's ok.

And if you want to wait until we're back in in-person instruction, that's fine too!

Teachers will be available until June 4, 2021 for questions and clarification via email. If you wait until summer to email your teacher(s), you may not get an immediate reply (remember--we're on summer vacation, too)

The 2021-2022 school year will start on Tuesday, August 10, 2021.

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Advanced Art Study AP Digital Handout (updated 05.11.21)
(email Ms. Ingelfinger)

AP2D Studio Art & Design Recommended Work:  HandoutGoogle Drive) (updated 05.24.21)
(email Ms. Fabricius)


Computer Science

AP Computer Science: Handout (updated 05.25.21)
(email: Ms. Murugan)


English 2A Reading Suggestions: Website (updated on 05.24.21)
(email: Ms. Berry | Mr. Haworth )

AP English Language Reading Suggestions: Website (updated on 05.24.21)
(email: Ms. Daniell | Ms. Oing | Mr. Warren)

AP English Literature Reading Suggestions: Website (updated on 05.24.21)
(email: Ms. Bannack | Ms. Daniell)


AP Biology: gClassroom with enrichment activities (updated 04.29.21)
(email Ms. Williams to get the join code)

AP Chemistry: Handout (updated 05.25.21)
(email: Ms. Shea | Ms. Hafalia)
AP Environmental Science: gClassroom (join code 6qrgqsn) (updated on 05.24.21)
(email: Ms. Hinchey)


Social Studies

AP World History: Handout (doc) or (pdf) (updated 05.24.21)
(email: Ms. Battrell | Ms. Grover)

AP US History: Handout (updated 05.24.21)
(email: Ms. Narveson)

World Languages

German (all levels): German 3 -> 4AP | German 2 -> 3 | German 1 -> 2 (updated 05.24.21)
(email: Herr Lynch)