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The English Department is committed to giving students a strong background in all language arts skills:

Written and Oral English language conventions
Listening and Speaking strategies

All classes meet the Common Core State Standards and the  California English-Language Content Standards for California Public Schools for Grades 9-12.

Students must be enrolled in an English class every semester until graduation. A total of 40 credits earned are required for graduation.  The UC system requires students to be in four years of college preparatory English that integrates reading of classic and modern literature, frequent and regular writing, and practice in listening and speaking.

Independence High School offers accelerated classes for grades 9 and 10, and Advanced Placement classes in both the junior (Advanced Placement English Language and Composition) and senior (Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition) years.

Courses OfferedTop of Page

  • ELD 1
  • ELD 2
  • ELD 3
  • Read-180
  • English 1
    • Accelerated English 1
  • English 2
    • Accelerated English 2
  • English 3
  • Expository Reading and Writing (ERWC)
  • Genres of Composition
  • Advanced Placement English Language and Composition 
  • Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition