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Teaching Academy

Teaching Academy
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Mission Statement: The mission of the Teaching Academy is to provide students a rigorous academic curriculum enhanced with teaching experiences that prepare them for college.
Goals: We are preparing our students to be teachers, leaders, and responsible citizens
Eligibility: Any student who has an interest in working with children or in teaching. Any student who is wiling to work collaboratively with their fellow students. Any student who is interested in the teaching profession either in or outside of the traditional classroom setting. Any student who wants to develop presentation and communication skills.
What to Expect:
  • A challenging, college-college-preparatory experience
  • Dedicated teachers
  • Active involvement in learning
  • Belonging to a group that shares similar interests
  • Field studies and other enrichment activities
  • Opportunities to develop leadership skills
  • Visits to college campuses 
  • Open communication between home and school
  • A supportive, stimulating experience
  • Tutoring and monitoring in all Academy Subjects
  • Guidance through your four years of high school
Please contact Ms. Garcia (Room A303) for information or to get an academy application