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Independence High School (IHS) is located near the east foothills of San Jose. It is the largest of eleven comprehensive high schools in the East Side Union High School District (ESUHSD) and opened its doors in 1976. The school was designed as an educational park, covering 103 acres with facilities that are shared by the school, with its 3,000 students and 150 staff members, and the surrounding community. These shared facilities include a theater, a stadium, swim center, two gymnasiums, and commons (multi-purpose rooms).

IHS serves a diverse community. It draws students from the affluent foothills of East Side San Jose as well as students from the low-income apartments and working class neighborhoods of our broad attendance area. Currently our student population is 34.8% Hispanic, 37.2% Asian, 19.8% Filipino, 3.4% White, 3.5% African American, with yet smaller populations of Native American, Alaskan Natives and Pacific Islanders.